• Adresse: B.P.N : 3691 – Talborjt. Agadir.
    Ville : AGADIR
  • Tel: 0666423842 /
    Gsm: 0666423842

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Poisson marines

   Amzil Seafood is a family-owned business dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We supply our customers with large quantities of frozen, canned and marinated Moroccan fish. At Amzil Seafood, we are passionate about supplying you with the best Moroccan fish, hassle-fee.

We have a great network of Moroccan ports, making sure you get the best prices, while maintaining the best quality fish.

What makes us the best? It starts with our exceptional, experienced staff; our long-term relationships with fishermen and companies in and outside the harbor; and our extensive knowledge of the fishery business.

Add to that our integrity and dedication to customer service, and we are sure you will agree that Amzil Seafood is the best choice for qualified and trusted Moroccan fish exports.




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