Hassania Cherkaoui is a lawyer based in Casablanca, Morocco. Having obtained her Bachelor (1978) and Master of Law (1982) degrees in Hassan II University Faculty of Law in Casablanca, Hassania became a Ph.D in International Maritime and Aviation Law in 1986.

Hassania also studied law at Boston and McGill Universities and worked in London with I.B.B.G. (solicitors) in 1989. Since 1990 Hassania has been a professor of maritime, admiralty and commercial law at Hassan II University Faculty of Law.

Hassania is a Vice-President of the Morrocan Association of Maritime Law and Member of the Association International des Dispacheurs Europeens (A.I.D.E).

Hassania has practiced law in Morocco, United Kingdom (London), and U.S.A. She is the author of several books (in English and French) and a significant number of articles on maritime and commercial law.

Hassania has written a summary of Moroccan carriage of goods by sea law for Prof. Tetley’s “Marine Cargo Claims”, 4 ed., 2008.


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