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Sultangaz was founded in 1994 in Tangier / MOROCCO. As a group company, Sultangaz started its Houshold Appliances production on a 3500 square meters field and constructed a new factory of 23000 square meters indoor area over 60000 square meters field in Casablanca. Our newly established -with our own capital- factory with its 350 employees is making production using the latest technological innovations. Our company achieved its goals by developing itself and applying innovations with its qualified personnel. Sultangaz has become one of the leader organizations in the countries on the region with its SULTAN brand which produces Household Appliances. Having adopted the quality as its indispensable principle, Sultangaz is providing its raw materials and subsidiary industrial materials from Turkey and Europe.

With its human-centered and comfortableproduction area, Sultangaz makes environment-friendly production of Gas and Electrical household appliances. Moving according to the balances of the market in terms of production range and colors ,SULTAN –with its productions which are chosen for their quality and good price- is carrying out its work for making its name known also outside its region.

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