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I am Mohamed Imerhane and I invite you to experience the beauty of my land and people. Please let me be your guide for amazing adventures in Morocco. I am a travel guide in the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert of Morocco.

I have graduated as a mountain guide from -Centre de Formation et Metier aux Metiers de Montagne de Tanbant”, based in Ait Bougmaze. I speak English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and of course Berber. I was born and raised in the High Atlas Mountains, I am an educated, single man and have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I welcome you all to experience the beautiful land and culture of my people. It will be my honour to show you the ways and marvels of the High Atlas and the Sahara Desert.

I have put together a range of tour itineraries that I think can give you the best experience of morocco, whether you are looking for comfortable culture journey or an adventurous challenge. These tours are suitable for individuals (minimum 4 people), families and groups. I based all our tours on simple tourist class hotel accomodation. They may include camping and other accommodation depending on the itinerary.

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    Atlantic Coast

  • Horses and camels at the cost


    The Atlantic Coast trek, Morocco follows the beach and dunes in a northerly direction for 5 days. We journey along the shore from Imessouane to Essaouira, sometimes heading inland to explore the sand dunes, buildings of historical interest, through the undergrowth of Thuya, Euphorbia and Argan trees. We will also visit pretty Moroccan fishing villages and follow the ancient caravan routes of the Portuguese.


    Camel trek along the Atlantic coastline 5 days with camels.



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    Anti Atlas

  • Sirwa massif


    Trekking in Sirwa Mountains has been popular for years, as it offers both a physical challenge and great nature, but can easily be done without local guides. There are plenty of elements in nature that easily will help you navigate around the area. The nature here is absolutely on the extreme side, as so much else in the Anti Atlas.


    Most of it is barren, the mountains are often totally different from anything else you have seen before, and the villages have often been formed in close cooperation with nature. The goal of trekking here, and for once there is really just one itinerary, is the Jebel Sirwa at 3,305 metres above sea level.


    The Jebel Sirwa is an isolated volcanic peak, which is quite possible to climb for even inexperienced mountaineers...

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    Step back in time by visiting the charming town with red walls of Taroudant on the edge of the Sahara.


    Fall in love with this beautiful city , perfectly preserved in its beautiful ocher ramparts. Revel in the rich light and color and be drunk with spicy hot smells on the breeze. Enjoy the famous friendliness of the Berber residents.

    Stroll through the labyrinthine streets of the medina and souks look for terracotta , wrought iron , pottery , brass and copper, leather, carpets and rugs , and jewelry.
    Taroudant is one of those places that you would not want to leave !


    Many excursions are possible from Tafraoute to discover this part of the Anti Atlas . Walking and cycling are a good alternative to the 4 × 4 to explore the villages of the valley Ammeln , exploring rock carvings and trails that encircle the village of Tafraout.


    Ait Mansour gorges about thirty km south . After a winding road and surprising , the gorges of Ait Mansour open onto a succession of small mountain oasis where the water is often abundant and fertile valley.


    A few kilometers south of Tafraout rocks painted by the Belgian artist Jean Vérame are located in the village Agard - Oudad , dominated by the rock, said Napoleon hat for his strange and inclined shape.

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    Atlas central : M’goun

  • Ait bougmaz valley


    Mgoun summit & Ait Bougmaz valley trek.

    Adventure trek in Mgoun massif,4h drive away from Marrakech to get to the famous Ait Bougmaz valley, the starting point of the trek where you will meet the team who will help you to do a great experience.


    Roses valley

    In the feet of the central High Atlas Mountains, on the south side, you will discover one of the beautiful regions in morocco, roses and dades valley, with its magnificent fields of roses, fortified villages, spectacular landscapes and where the hospitality Berbers is still present.


    Telouat valley

    The important former trading route between Marrakech and the Sahara is dotted with crumbling kasbahs and mansions, homes of wealthy merchants and warlords, earning it the nickname 'valley of the kasbahs.' Kasbah Telouet is often over-looked, with most visitors to the area heading straight to Ait Benhaddou, the most famous kasbah of them all.


    However, with its crumbling walls and stunning mosaics, Kasbah Telouet is more than worth a visit in its own right and can easily be combined with a visit to Ait Benhaddou, the Saharan dunes of Erg Chebbi, or as a day trip from Marrakech.

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    Oriental High Atlas

  • El ayachi summit


    Trekking at Jebel Ayachi – 8 days


    Wild beauty of an isolated solid mass. Departing from FES or MARRAKECH, you will discover the nomads country where you will certainly plunge in an ocean of nature and good feelings.



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    Middle atlas

  • Oum rabia tour


    Oum Errabia is Morocco 's second largest river , its source ( 3youne Oum Rabi ) located at 1240 meters above sea level in the region khénifra , just 40 kilometers from the city.


    Next door you'll find the cave d'Oum Errabie , with a depth of some 15 meters, with the bottom of the pure water.

    Magical places to discover also in the region, like the river from the top of the mountain , the forest surrounding it with cedars and oaks, and MANY more landscapes to discover on the spot.

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    Bouiblane summit

    Jebel Bou Iblane is a 9,842 ft / 3,000 m mountain peak in Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate, Morocco. Based on peakery data, it ranks as the 3rd highest mountain in Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate and the 126th highest mountain in Morocco.


    The nearest peaks are Ich Njera, Chlem Elem, Ich n' Maalem, Ich Ntamimert, Jebel Tanout, and Ich Ouammas.

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    Rif Mountain

  • Grankha, Mount Bouhachim, Mount Soukna and Hommar


    The Rif Mountains are not part of the Atlas mountain range, and lie in the North of the country.


    The Rif region receives more rainfall than any other region in Morocco, so is lush and green for much of the year. Massive deforestation due to overgrazing, forest fires, and forest clearing for agriculture, particularly for the creation of cannabis plantations, has taken place over the last century.


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    Saghro mountain


    The Jebel Sargho (highest point 2,712 m) is a starkly beautiful region of Sahara broadly lying between the Draa and Dades Valleys.



    An ideal region for trekking between October and May. It is made up of a jumble of volcanic peaks, deep gorges, abandoned kasbahs, small villages and the occasional black tents of the semi-nomadic Ait Ata tribe.


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    Great south of Morocco

  • Draa valley


    It is formed by the union of the rivers Dades and Imin in the Haut Atlas , at the Massif de Tizi- N'Tichka east of Toubkal Massif and M'Goun , at elevations ranging from 3 000 to 4 000 m, until flowing into the ocean Atlantic Foum Draa north of the city of Tan-Tan and south of Guelmim .


    It is the longest river system in Morocco; however, it is dry before joining the coast for most of the year but it becomes truly visible 50 km before its mouth.

    Draa water is used to irrigate palm groves and various cultures.La Draa Valley is remarkable for its ksour and kasbah land (in adobe ) .The Draa River in the south and the rivers and wadi Souss Massa north are limits of the Souss -Massa- Draa .

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    Tazarine is a small town located on the south of Morocco to the heart of an oasis in a wonderful palm grove.


    Tazarine is located at the intersection of roads linking tourist towns in southern Morocco , possibly Ouarzazate , Zagora.

    Ziz Valley

    The Ziz River (Arabic: نهر زيز‎ nahr zīz) is a river in the south of Morocco and Algeria. It has its source in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco and flows 282 kilometers (175 mi) into the Sahara Desert in Algeria. Although water flow is intermittent along the Ziz riverbed, its watercourse has long been used to facilitate human transit through the mountainous region.


    Cities along the Ziz river include Er Rachidia, Erfoud and Sijilmassa.There is a dam with hydroelectric generating capacity on the Ziz at the south face of the High Atlas Mountains.

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    High Atlas of Toubkal

  • Amzmiz valley


    One week in olives valley amzmiz.


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    Azzaden valley

    A This a perfert combination of 3 days 3 nights circular Toubkal trek which will take you through the Azzaden valley and over Tizi n Agelzim peak before you climb the Mout Toubkal and a 4days Erg Chebbi & Ait benhaddou kasbahs Desert trip.


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    Imlil valley

    Imlil is a small village in the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is 1,740 metres (5,710 ft) above sea level. A portrait of Imlil and the problems and prospects of Morocco's mountain populations appeared in 1984 in the book by James A. Miller called Imlil and published by Westview Press.


    It is close to the mountain Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in Northern Africa. Imlil makes a good base for attempting to summit Toubkal.

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    Nifs valley

    Tassaouirgane, Tahliwine & Assif Zagzawne: 2 Nights / 3 days.


    Ourika valley

    Spend 6 days hiking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The unspoilt beauty of the Ourika Valley, which is home to the famous Berber tribes of Africa, is best explored on-foot. Your trail will lead you through olive groves, terraced fields and thundering waterfalls, you will stop amidst the beautiful scenery to enjoy a picnics in a Berber villages.


    Get a better insight into the local culture as you stay in a Moroccan style Berber home in the village of Timichi and in Tinoughar, see women at work, groves of almond and walnut trees and centuries-old terraced irrigated fields. Brace yourself for a steep climb to the highest peak in the Maghreb from where you can enjoy splendid views of the Atlas Mountains. This exhilarating tour shows you a side of Morocco which many tourists never see.

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    Toubkal Circuit via Lac d’ifni 6 day toubkal circuit trekThe Toubkal Circuit Trek consists of 6 days trekking in the Atlas Mountains, combining beautiful panoramas with the time to explore Berber villages and culture. From the first day of trekking you will be immersed in everyday Berber life watching the locals working in their terraced fields and tending to their animals.


    This itinerary involves early starts and strenuous trekking days, moving from camp to camp each day but you will be rewarded with many fine photo opportunities, in particular at the summit of Jebel Toubkal 4167m. At the end of the day you will be able to relax in village cafes and enjoy a cup of mint tea or paddle alongside refreshing rivers and the turquoise shores of Lac D’ifni 2295m.

    Click to view the Toubkal treks

    Zat valley

    The Zat Valley is one of the most pristine valleys you could wish to find in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains.


    Lush greenery contrasts with the rocky outcrops, while cooling breezes help to provide contrast to the uncomfortable heat of Marrakech a mere 50 kilometres away.

    Trek in mountain and sahara for days

    A This a perfert combination of 3 days3 nights circular Toubkal trek which will take you through the Azzaden valley and over Tizi n Agelzim peak before you climb the Mout Toubkal and a 4days Erg Chebbi & Ait benhaddou kasbahs Desert trip.


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    One day excursions

  • Day excursion to ouzoud waterfull


    The Ouzoud Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful attractions in Morocco. With the El Abib river plunging over 100 meters in a complex network of waterfalls that cascades into another through 3 major and several minor drops, the falls are a sight to behold.Join this exciting tour and experience the life-giving force of water that seems captured in every shiny leaf and exploding flower bud along this luscious river gorge.


    Experience awe at the juxtaposition of the verdant and luxurious falls against a land of red sandstone and dusty deserts that make this a truly remarkable sight.And at only 150 kilometers from the city of Marrakesh, the famed Ouzoud Waterfalls make a spectacular day trip at any time of year.

    Day trip to ait ben haddou and ourzazat

    start time its 8 h in the morning This day trip takes you right across the chain of the High Atlas Mountains and over the famous Tizi-n-Tichka pass; at over 7,414 feet (2260 meters) high, it’s the highest pass in all of Africa. All along the route you can catch glimpses of the Berber villages perched on the side of the mountains, sometimes hardly distinguishable from the mountains themselves…As you reach the far side of the mountains the landscape changes dramatically, becoming semi-arid and desert-like.


    This area is home to the Kasbah architecture, with turrets on all buildings, adorned with grilled windows and soft peach-colored walls. These traditional houses are made of adobe, highly suitable for the conditions of the south.

    Day excursion to ourika

    Starting from Marrakech at 09:00hrs, our driver and vehicle will take you through the wonderful sights of the Ourika valley, in the Atlas Mountains.Continuing on, further into the Atlas Mountains, we pass through and stop off in some typical Berber villages to experience everyday life in this region.


    We then continue to Setti Fatma, a village based in the Atlas Mountains that has some not so often visited cascades (waterfalls).

    Day excursion to essaouira

    The departure from Marrakech is at 08:00 Am, with 3 hours drive to Essaouira.


    Once we arrive in Essaouira, you will have the full day to explore the town and, to meet local people and take lunch in some of the local cafes or restaurants offering locally caught fresh fish and seafood.

    Day excursion to high atlas

    We depart Marrakech at 09:00hrs in modern, air conditioned vehicle and head for the Atlas mountains.


    Our drive takes us into the Atlas mountains to view the wonderful views and surrounding terrain.Along the way, there are lots of sights to see and people to meet.

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    Imperial Cities

  • Fez


    Fès is the most ancient and impressive of the imperial cities. Built in the eighth century, it has more history and mystery than anywhere else in Morocco. Officially encompassing two cities – El Bali and Jadid – Fès is famous for the Nejjarine Square and Fountain, the Er Rsif and Andalous (Al-Andalus) mosques, the Royal Palace, the Kasbah and Karaouine (Al-Qarawiyin) University, which is older than Oxford University.


    The Dar Bath Museum is also worth a visit. The old part of the city – Fès El Bali – still retains the magical, bustling atmosphere of an ancient time and it is centred around the two famous mosques of Al-Qarawiyin and Al-Andalus. It is a huge maze of winding streets and covered bazaars where, if one is not careful, it is easy to get lost (it is therefore a good idea to hire an official guide). The medina (market) in Fès El Bali is one of the largest in the world and is also on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Here, one can buy almost anything.


    Situated at the foot of the Atlas mountains, the imperial city of Marrakech is large, noisy, polluted and smelly. But Marrakech is also fascinating, full of history, the cultural center of Morocco and beautiful.

    If you enjoy a daily assault on all your senses then you’ll have a lot of fun. When the most popular sights include numerous references to “tranquility” and “peace” like the Majorelle gardens or the gardens around the Saadian Tombs you know you’re in for an interesting experience.


    Meknes is protected by 25km (16 miles) of battlements, flanked by towers and bastions. The city reflects the power and the constructive genius of King Moulay Ismail, a contemporary of Louis XIV, who ruled the country for 55 years. The Michlifen and Djebel Habri are two ski resorts above Meknes.

    The city boasts a wonderful souk (market) and the old town is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


    Rabat, the present capital of Morocco, was founded in the 12th century. It is a town of trees and flowers, and many monumental gateways, including the Gate of the Ambassadors and the Oudaias Kasbah Gate. The nearby Mamora forest and the many beaches are popular tourist attractions, particularly during the summer.

    Other attractions include Tour Hassan, the grandiose minaret of a vast, uncompleted 12th-century mosque; the Mohammed V Mausoleum, an outstanding example of traditional Moroccan architecture; the Royal Palace; the Chellah, with superb monuments, delightful gardens and Roman ruins; the Oudaias; the Archaeological Museum; the National Museum of Handicrafts and the antique Moorish cafe.

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